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Name: Terry Morrow
Title: Senior Pastor
Why are you in ministry? I have often asked myself, “Self, why are you in the ministry?”  Sometimes the answer eludes me.  I do believe in a calling upon one’s life.  But more so, I believe that for me, there was a burning desire to be involved in the lives of those who call church, “Home.”  I approach ministry more as an adventure than an occupation or job.  Ministry is ministering to those whom God brings into your life.
What do you do with your spare time? In my spare time (not sure exactly what that is), I enjoy being in the outdoors, walking, camping and spending time with my family and friends. 
What inspires you? I can be inspired by a good war movie; a group of people who are excited about life; a calm, gentle lake as drift along in my float tube; a dark evening when all the stars are out; find the simple treasures that are in God’s word; a song that stirs my heart and brings contentment to my soul.
What is one thing you’d like to see changed about yourself? If I could change one thing about myself it would be…man, I wish I only had to change one thing about me.  I’m not sure where to start.  I’ll get back to you on that one in a few years.
Who is your hero? I don’t know that I have any heroes.  I always wanted to fly like Superman but I gave that up last year.  I admire people who are committed to their families and to God’s kingdom.  I try to emulate those who follow after the truth and are not afraid to stand up for what is right.  It might be true that we need more heroes today. 
What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? People might be surprised to know that deep down inside I am a quiet, shy and easily embarrassed person.  I get embarrassed when I see someone doing something that I would feel embarrassed about doing myself.  And no, I don’t do well at watching ballet or opera.  Too embarrassing!
Pastor Terry is the author of the Walking series of books found at and continues to add to the collection.