A Good Friday Thought

This day would go down in history as the greatest battle between good and evil. Not even the heavens fully understood the full implications of what was to take place.
God had orchestrated this day since the creation of time. He knew from the depths of his heart the pain, suffering and sorrow that laid ahead for his Son, his One and only Son.
So many have asked the question of why? Why would the God of creation allow such a cruel, ugly thing to take place? Why didn’t he just start over when Adam and Eve sinned? Who would have objected? Who would have dared?
Placed before Jesus was two options. Serve yourself or serve your Father and fulfill his long-awaited promise of a dying Messiah. Jesus chose wisely. He knew his destiny. He knew why he had come. There was only one reason for his virgin birth. One reason for his life of holiness, purity and commitment to the Laws of God. One reason for standing against the evil one who had tried to destroy the love of his Father for mankind.
Love required that Jesus walk this path of death…alone. Love called, no, love demanded that the Savior of all mankind give up his life in order to redeem us. Oh, such love. Are there words qualified enough to describe how magnificent the love of God is? Can we really put down on paper the magnitude of how much God lavished on us his mercy and grace? Perhaps not.
There have been countless books and movies made throughout time trying to express the heartfelt appreciation of those who have acknowledged this love of God.
Today is Good Friday. It’s goodness is seen in the fact that it was Jesus walking straight into the den of evil so that he might take the poison of death for us.
Death knows no friends. It has no heart. It cares for no one. Death will come to us all. Sometimes unannounced. But it was on this day, so many years ago, that death lost its sting, its power and its authority over us.
The love of God triumphed over evil on this day. The love that created the universe and placed mankind into a beautiful, tranquil garden came on this day to restore a broken, forsaken relationship.
Jesus died so that the gap between man and his creator could be bridged. No longer are we estranged from our Father in heaven. No longer must we walk this cruel life by ourselves. No longer do we have to feel empty, afraid, isolated.
Jesus died on this day so that we might truly live. His death brought us life. His payment for our sins released us from the eternal debt that we owed.
Jesus paid it all. All to him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain. He washed it white as snow.
May you be blessed on this Good Friday knowing that Jesus laid it all on the cross so that we might live for all of eternity in his Father’s house.
No greater gift, no greater love than this, that a man – a Savior – would lay down his life for his friends.
Jesus laid down his life for you on this Good Friday.
What a friend we have in Jesus!