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Being Filled with the Spirit | Ephesians 5:17-18

January 15, 2023

Being Filled with the Spirit
Ephesians 5:17-18

A wise believer will walk in the will of God.
This means they will be in a continual state of being filled with the Holy Spirit
A follower of Christ should be controlled and dominated by the Holy Spirit of God
– This brings about righteousness and holiness.
It is foolish for a follower of Christ not to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Note: verse 18
“Debauchery” (a sotia).
– This behavior showed a lack of concern or thought for the consequences of
an action.
– This type of lifestyle will accomplish nothing for the kingdom of God.
The believer is to be filled with the Spirit of God.
– The Spirit acts upon you by filling you with his power
– It is to be a constant, moment by moment, filling with the Spirit
– This filling will result in absolute control of the Spirit over the individual’s
1 st Songs of the Old Testament will begin to ring out in their lives.
The Songs of David will direct them to worship God, and their heart will be moved
to sing a new song that is fresh and uplifting.

o Psa. 116
o 1 Tim. 3:16 (old Christian hymn)

2 nd They will sing songs of praise from within their hearts.

o Psa. 108:1-6

3 rd Gratitude and thankfulness will ring out as they give thanks for everything that
God has done for them through Jesus Christ.
When the child of God, walking in grace, expresses gratitude and thanks to him in
the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, they recognize his authority, power, honor, and
dependence upon him.
Note: Col. 3:15-17
Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your life?
– A foolish person misses the opportunities that God has for their life
– A foolish person wastes time and energy on things that do not further the
kingdom of God
– A foolish person stands in opposition to the purposes of God
o To reach the world
o To add people into God’s kingdom
– A foolish person only lives for themselves
– A foolish person wastes their time here on Earth
– A foolish person does not believe in God
But in contrast, a wise person allows the Holy Spirit to be the leader in their life.
– They will make sure that they take every opportunity to do God’s will in
their life
– They will not waste time or energy on things that do not further God’s
– They know that their lives are not their own
For them, to live is Christ moving and working in them daily.