Time Is A Wonderful Thing

Time can be used, wasted, counted, measured but not bottled or controlled. Time has a mind of its own. It doesn’t follow any given rules except one –  it just keeps on moving forward.


Newfound Truths

And so another week comes to a close. But not just any week. For many, this was a week of newfound truths. Truth about how God loved them enough that he sent his son to die upon a cross. Truth that his infinite love gave life back to his dead body and raised him from the grave.


Easter Thoughts

Up From the Grave He Arose

Not there?

It’s not possible!

No one rises from the grave!

Stories have been told. Songs have been written. Poetry has been crafted in such a way so that its meaning would beautifully express the authors concept of the power of the resurrection.


A Good Friday Thought

This day would go down in history as the greatest battle between good and evil. Not even the heavens fully understood the full implications of what was to take place.