At Hillside.Kids you will find that our safety screened leaders care about building relationships with kids and their families so they can influence and model Biblical Truth to children. We know that one to two hours a week or 65 hours a year is not enough for the Hillside.Kids team to do that, so we have built in resources and opportunities to come alongside parents to equip them to disciple their children at home.

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Children’s Programs (6 months-4th grade) 

BOTH SERVICES (8:45am&10:30am)

Link (5th-6th Grade) 
2nd service only (10:30am)
Youth (7th-12th Grade) 
2nd service only (10:30am)


What We Are Learning
April 7, 2024
God Defeated Jericho
(Joshua 2;6)
April 14, 2024
God Gave the People the Land
(Joshua 7-11)
April 21, 2024
Joshua Challenged the People
(Joshua 23-24)
April 28, 2024
The People Kept Sinning
(Judges 2)
This Unit’s Key Verse
​This Unit’s Big Question and Answer
Birth – Age 5
K-4th grade
5th & 6th Grade
Our Values