Don’t Walk Like the World | Ephesians 4:17-19

September 18, 2022
Don’t Walk Like the World
Ephesians 4:17-19

Mankind had lost it way and its moral compass is broken.
The world has always been morally depraved and has lacked in its sense of right
and wrong.
It seems that the world has lost its common sense and what was once deemed off
limits is now being considered wholesome.
The believer needed to become mature
God had saved them, gifted them and called them
Verse 17 “In the vanity of their mind.”
The lost world has a reasoning problem.
Their thinking had lost its ability to have any form of morality.
When mankind is left to themselves and allowed to be governed by their own
understanding, they will lead themselves into anarchy and the society around them
will collapse.
Romans 1:28 ERV, “People did not think it was important to have a true
knowledge of God. So God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless
thinking. And so they do what they should not do.”
They have an immoral way of thinking.
“Depraved” worthless whether literally or morally
Verse 18 “…serious spiritual heart problem.”
They have a heart that is covered with a callas.
First, it can bring about a darkened understanding.
– lose touch with the reality of God
-become disconnected with truth

Second, there will be a separation from the very life of God.
– they are placing themselves outside of God grace
-not allowing him to actively work in their hearts and minds.
Thought: The world is lacking in any moral sense because it has hardened its heart
and closed off its mind to the grace of God. Their truth says that God doesn’t exist
and even if he did, they would refuse to recognize him as God.
Verse 19 world has a “feeling problem”
-they have lost all sensitivity to the things of God
-they have ceased to fell pain or grief
-they have given themselves over to sensuality.
Sensuality is defined as, “Having a behavior that was lacking in moral restraint,
usually with the implication of sexual immorality. ”
Ultimately it then leads to indulging in every kind of impurity.
– living in the impurity of a lustful, and immoral manner
In order for us to walk in grace we must be reminded often of where we once were
and where the world still is.
 That reality will guide us in the quest for truth.
 Just like Paul spent his time explaining the position of the world to the
believers in Ephesus in hopes that they would not desire to return to their
former way of living, so today I have tried to get you to recognized how
powerful the grace of God is and what a privileged position you now have.
My hope is that you will not desire to return to your former way of living but that
you would, “Purpose to walk in the grace that had been given to you through your
salvation in Christ.”