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Going Somewhere?

Where are you/we going today? Seems like an odd question, but in light of what has taken place over the last two months, I would like to challenge us with a few answers.

Answer #1 I’m not sure where we are going.

That’s just being honest. We are doing our best to try and figure all of this “stuff” out. As we progress through the effects of COVID-19, we are all trying to answer the question of where we are going.

Answer #2 I have an idea.

But honest, again, I’m not sure my ideas amount to much. I know what I would like to do, to be, to have. But sometimes those come across as very selfish and hedonistic. What I think is best, would work or even would sound good is only based upon my perception of my reality.

Answer #3 Here is where we need to go. Ready?

This point is, these are difficult times. You are in one position; I am in another. Someone has lost a job, a family member, a friend. Someone out there is scared and unsure of their tomorrow. Hope has left their hearts. They are a ship going nowhere in this ocean of chaos and confusion. So, may I give one simple answer to our question?

Trust in the Lord.

I mean this with all of my heart. Trust him. He knows our tomorrow’s; he understands our today. We don’t. He has the answers. We don’t. We just have the questions.

Wherever you may find yourself today, trust in the Lord. His plans for your life are always the best. He knows where we are going. Let’s follow him.

Be blessed.

Pastor T.