Grace: Part 1


May 16, 2021

Grace: Part 1
Join Pastor T as he helps us understand how the grace of God can help us reach spiritual maturity.

Grace seems to tell us that our choices can be whatever we want.

Paul tried to point that out in Romans 6.

  • Romans 6:1 TLB 

“What affect does biblical grace have upon us as followers of Jesus?”

 What is maturity?

  • Is it just being a grown up?

What about Christian maturity?

  • Is it having an understanding of certain passages and knowing a few Greek or Hebrew concepts?

The key to us growing in our walk with Christ comes down to our maturity level – our spiritual maturity.

  1. How do you and I rate our maturity level?

If the truth were told, many of us are spiritually immature.

We haven’t grown much in our walk or understanding of God, his holiness, his character or his demands upon our lives.

  • We are still babies in our walk
  • 1 Cor. 3:1-3 NCV

We have been living off of God’s grace. 

  • Grace is that thing that just keeps on giving
  • Grace is a numbing agent that allows us to keep up our life of sin and ignorance

Easton’s Bible Dictionary: “Biblical grace is God’s forgiving mercy.”

Nelson’s Bible Dictionary: “Favor or kindness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives it in spite of what that same person deserves.”

Lewis Sperry Chafer: “Grace is what God may be free to do, and indeed what he does, accordingly, for the lost after Christ has died on behalf of them.”

The source of all grace is God himself.

It was grace alone that had a cost attached to it.

That cost was paid in full by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Video: Eric Ludy “The grand reintroduction.”

Grace is more than a hug.

Grace becomes the sum total of what God purposes to give to each person. 

This free gift of his love and righteousness surpasses any contribution that we think we could add to complete God’s mercy and salvation for ourselves.

Grace is made complete by the effectual working of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

We can neither add to nor take away its completed work for us.

Maturity in Christ will allow us the discernment to know that God’s grace is working in our life by the person of the Holy Spirit.


The effect of biblical grace upon a believer will cause them to recognize the truth of grace and grow in its power and authority in our lives.

The more we identify that truth and grow in its understanding, the less we have to ask for grace and the more it will be released to do its work in our hearts.

Question. Have you allowed the grace of God to be a part of your heart?

Are you walking in the truth of grace and growing in its power?