Grace: Part 5

June 13, 2021

The Students

Acts 17:10-15

A closed mind can lead to a closed heart.

Note: vs. 3

  • Explaining and proving
    • Jesus had to suffer and rise from the dead
    • The resurrection is the truth that all of Christianity is based upon
      • No resurrection, no Christianity
    • Jesus is the Christ
      • Paul taught all of this from the O.T.

Note: vs. 4

The gospel is offensive to the human heart.

  • Sin hates righteousness
  • The human nature hates the spiritual nature
  • Evil hates holiness
  • Without Christ, we are enemies of God
    • Romans 5:10 NLT

Note: vs. 10 (also note: 1 Thess. 2:17-3:13)

Note: vs. 11

  1. Bereans were of more noble character
  • To be open-minded
  • Inclination to learn
  • A readiness of the mind

An opened mind can lead to an opened heart.

  1. They searched the scriptures eagerly
  • They didn’t just believe everything Paul and Silas told them
    • They scrutinized
    • To investigate
    • To asked questions
    • They discerned the truth
    • They judged right teaching from wrong
    • They search for the truth

A true student of the scriptures never takes the word of another.

  • They search, examine, ask questions, and discern the truth

James 3:1 NIV

Don’t ever turn over your mind and heart to some human being.

  • Don’t make them your source of truth
  • Make God’s word that source

Knowing God is one reason that we exist.

  • It is our honor, privilege, and yes, our duty and responsibility to study the Bible
    • Within its pages are the answers to lives questions
    • It is our source of strength
    • It is the power whereby we can live

Mankind is lost without God’s word.

Note: Psa. 119:105 NIV

  1. Daily they were studying the teachings of Paul and Silas

So much can be said for being influenced by God and his word on a daily basis.

  • Reading (individual or a reading plan)
  • Listening (podcast, etc.)
  • Watching (Biblically based teachers)

Either way, make it a daily habit to have your mind and heart challenged by God and his word.

  • Don’t be afraid of not know the Bible

Search it for truth.

  • Examine it with a clear heart and mind
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you insights and wisdom
    • John 14:26-27 NIV
  • Don’t let fear drive your mind
  • Don’t let the unknown steal your hope

The Holy Spirit was given to us so that we might know the teachings of Christ.

  • He taught truth
  • He showed us the Father
  • He gave us a life of understanding

Three take a ways:

  1. Have your heart and mind opened to the truth of God and his word
  2. Study the Bible!!
  • Search its truths
  • Find the treasures within the scriptures
  1. Make it a daily habit of letting God’s word affect your life