Grace: Part 8


July 25, 2021

Power of Discipleship

Acts 18:24-28

  1. What is a disciple?
  • Completely buys into the teachings of their leader
  • Matthew 9:9 NIV 
  • “Follow me”
    • To side with his party
    • A verb/an action
  • Sacrifice is required
    • Luke 14:33 NIV 
  • Disciples were called, “Christian” first in Acts 11:26 NIV   
    • Christian means “Belonging to Christ”
    • It might have been a derogatory term at first
      • Acts 26:28 NIV 
      • 1 Peter 4:16 NIV 

Note: vs. 28 “learned man”

  • Eloquent
  • Orator
  • Skilled in Literature and Arts

“Mighty in the scriptures” (O.T. writings) 

  • Powerful
  • Capable

Note: vs. 25

  1. He had been taught
  • Perhaps by his parents
    • The truths of John the Baptist had been passed along to him
    • John taught that Jesus was the Messiah
  1. He was a great teacher
  • To teach orally
  • To be fervent in the Spirit
    • To be earnest
    • To have zeal
  1. He taught about Jesus accurately
  • To be diligent
  • To be exact
  • To be perfect
  • To not deviate from the truth

Even though he only knew John’s teachings about Jesus.

  • Baptism
    • A purification rite
    • Confession of sins
    • Bound to spiritual reform
    • Became qualified for the benefits of the Messiah’s Kingdom

He most likely did not know much about:

  • Jesus 
  • His death
  • His resurrection
  • The pouring out of the Holy Spirit

What would you have done with Apollos when you heard him teach?

  • Scold him
  • Rebuke him
  • Walk out on him
  • Tell him to be quiet 
  • Condemn him as ignorant
  • Start your church to counter his false teachings


  • Would you have taken him home for dinner and shared your knowledge with him?
  • Loved him
  • Prayed for him
  • Taught him what you knew to be true
  • Spend quality time with him

To disciple someone is to give your heart and life to them.

  • Most followers of Christ have never been discipled by an older, wiser believer

Note: vs. 26

1st They listened to Apollos

2nd They invited him home for a meal

3rd They explained to him the way of Christ more adequately

They expound to him.

  • To expose
  • To declare
  • They filled in him
    • Note that it was a husband-and-wife team doing the teaching
    • Romans 16:3 NIV 

Note: vs. 27

Apollos was ready to be like Paul now.

  • He goes to Achaia

His ministry was successful in two ways

  • He had a heart of being a servant
    • He learned that from both John and Paul
  • He stood up against the false teachers in the province

Three take a ways today:

  1. Share what you know
  • Tell the truths you have been taught
  1. Be willing to learn more
  • No one knows it all
  1. Stand firm in your faith and knowledge of Christ