Grace | The Power of the Holy Spirit

July 3, 2022

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 3:20-21

  1. Do you and I believe that God can do great things in our lives?

Does it seem that we question his power?

  • Have we concluded that evil is so great that even God cannot work anymore?
  • Are we so frustrated that we have given up on God’s power and have come to the point where we cannot believe in his ability to change lives?
  1. Have you stopped asking for miracles in your life, your family, and your community?

I believe:

  • In miracles
  • That God is still on his throne
  • That the Word of God is powerful
  • That God is good
  • That Jesus is Lord of all
  • That there is hope for our community and world
  • That the Holy Spirit is able to change lives
  • That there are still greater days ahead for the church
  • That God has called each of us to service
    • To honor him
    • To glorify his name
    • To reach the world with the message of Christ’s love
    • To be a positive change agent

Now is not the time to give up.

Paul says, “Now to him who is able…”

  1. Do we believe it or not?
  • Is God the Holy Spirit able to do his work in your heart and life?

The Holy Spirit is able to do, “Immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…”

God can and will reach to all things.

  • He can change the heart of man
  • He can change his will
  • He can change things that are impossible

God is able to do super-abundantly above and beyond – and then some on top of that.

  • We can ask…for things above our ability to ask
  • We can request…for things beyond our ability to comprehend
  • We can petition…for things above our knowledge and understanding

God can and will go beyond your imagination.

  • Imagine God working in our community
    • He’ll go beyond that
  • Imagine God changing things in your life
    • He’ll go beyond that
  • Imagine God fixing that issue that is in your life right now
    • He’ll go beyond that

We cannot even imagine what God can do through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We just have to believe
  • We just have to act upon its truth

This all takes place because of the Holy Spirit’s power that is at work within us.

You determine what the Holy Spirit will or can do in your life.

In God’s inherent abilities, there is no limit to what he can do in and through us.

There is no greater power on earth or in the heavens above than the power of God the Holy Spirit who is living inside of you right now.

Stop letting the world shut down his power.

Stop letting your fears and emotions from shutting down his work.

Stop and let the Holy Spirit’s power have its place in your life today.

May God begin to work out his salvation in your life.

  • Start today
  • Live it tomorrow
  • Watch God do a miraculous thing through you