dividerWelcome Girlfriends

Girlfriends it is our mission to change hearts and change lives…one Girlfriend at a time.
We BEFRIEND women, so they feel like they BELONG.

Then they will be open to hear about what we BELIEVE.

Which will open their hearts to BECOME someone different…a follower of Jesus! To complete the circle, we want women

to BEFRIEND others & help them BELONG too.

dividerThe Pursuit

The Pursuit is a Bible study for women who have longed for a more vibrant, thriving relationship with God. Join a four week Pursuit to learn how to soar in your relationship with the God who created you, knows you, loves you, and pursues you.


Women’s Christmas Event – Held on the first Friday and Saturday of December.  More details coming later.   Click here for last year’s Holiday Guide
Ladies Annual Retreat  Sadly to say, due to COVID-19 we are unable to have retreat this year.  Please plan on joining us again in May of 2021.

dividerCore Values

  • Character with ourselves
  • Honor others
  • Grace in our relationships
  • Excellence in our pursuits
  • Accountability to others
  • Glory to our God


G! NightOut 

G! Christmas Boutique

G! Groups

   Mom to Mom


   Stitching Sisters

   Women Who         Workout



G! Groups

   Mom to Mom


   Stitching Sisters

   Women Who       Workout



Ladies Christmas Event

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Retreat

G! Discipling

G! Standing Strong in the Gap




G! On Mission

G! Store 

G! Prayer Team

Ministry Opportunities


dividerG! Prayer Group

Prayer Team – is a group of prayer warriors who pray for the needs of HCC and you. If you have a prayer request, please call the church office at 760-249-5007 or e-mail us at office@hillsidechurch.com and submit your prayer request  by sending us a message.