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Newfound Truths

And so another week comes to a close. But not just any week. For many, this was a week of newfound truths. Truth about how God loved them enough that he sent his son to die upon a cross. Truth that his infinite love gave life back to his dead body and raised him from the grave. Truth that we have hope because of the message of the resurrection.

We are seeing a change in our country. People are reflecting more and more upon their relationships with each other, their families and God. I believe we are experiencing a social and spiritual awakening. God is changing the hearts of mankind.

Now, more than ever, people are seeking after the peace of God. They aren’t just saying it, they are embracing it. The cultural norms are slowly being replace with a new desire to love one another honestly, truthfully and compassionately. Neighbors are caring for each other. Communities are reaching out with open arms of love and commitment to being there for them in their time of need. The church seems to be reaching out and leading the way in this. It’s the way it should have been all along.

It has always been God’s desire that we the church lead the way in touching people’s lives. It is the church’s responsibility of caring for the needy, providing spiritual and moral guidance and leading the way in directing the cultural movements. The church is to be the place where families and communities can unite together for the good of every citizen. I believe we are seeing this take place again.

There is a strong wave of hope washing over our country and communities. It has started because we, the church, sought to be the catalyst whereby God could meet the needs of the people in our world.

Church arise to your calling. As Jesus arose from the dead with new life, may we arise to bring life, hope and peace into our communities. This is the time to allow the Way Maker to use us for his Kingdom glory. That is who our God is. He has always been the Miracle Worker. His promises are still true today. And he is using us, the church, to reach the world with the message of hope.

Be proud of being a part of this great movement of God. Revival is stirring. God is moving. And the church is finding its calling again.

Be blessed, be safe and be ready to be used by God.

Pastor Terry