One Thing (s) Married People Getaway
Because sometimes
One Thing can change everything. 


This year our theme for marriages is: One Thing(s) for Married People. 


We have found, and the research shows, that sometimes ONE THING can change everything. 


SO, we are excited to invite you to join us for this year’s SELF-GUIDED Married People Getaway where we will share with you several ONE THING(S).


YES, your heard that right – this year due to COVID-19 – We will be having a SELF-GUIDED GETAWAY. 


What is a SELF-GUIDED GETAWAY you ask?

Instead of gathering as a large group, couples will sign up, get a Married People Getaway pack and then the two of you will plan to go away for an overnighter on your own. 


Everything you need for your ONE THING(S) GETAWAY will be in your pack. 


All you need to do is follow the directions and have a blast together.


Marriage experts say that it is so important for couples to get away! 


We need that time together to reconnect, refocus and have fun together.


Register below for One Thing(s) Married People Self-Guided Getaway!