The Real Enemy

Ephesians 6:10-13a | October 18, 2020

Questions for the week.

  1. Do you understand the battle we are in?
  2. Have you prepared yourself for the battle?
  3. Are you fighting the wrong person? Maybe you need to stop hurting the ones who aren’t your enemy.

“There is something going on here.”

  • Be ________
  1. Where does this strength come from?
  • It is a ________ strength (Col.1:10-11)

The source of our strength to stand strong is found in our ________ with Christ.

Note: We stand in his ________ power. This is the active, energetic power of God.

With this standing power…

  • Put on the full ________ of God
      • Two words, position and to go into/enter

The full armor of God. The idea of having every major aspect of your heart, mind and soul protected by the mighty power of God.

It is the scheming of the Devil to destroy us. (methods)

The Devil knows the weak spots in our armor.

  • Our mind, ________ and heart

Note: vs. 12 We have a struggle happening each and every day of our lives.

    • ________ (only time used in NT); to hold your opponent down
  • This struggle is a fight, combat

We are misguided when we turn on each other. We are instructed to love the Lord and each other. We only destroy ourselves when we battle each other.

Our battle is defined…

  • ________ – World ruler (the Devil himself)
    • Authorities (angelic hierarchy – Col. 1:16)
  • ________ of this dark world
    • In rabbinical writings this referred to the Angel of death
  • ________ ________ of evil in the heavenly realms
    • Hosts of wickedness; evil powers viewed as a body

Their power is evident in high places.

    • Note: Eph. 2:2; kingdom of the air

As you can see, we are in a very difficult battle.

  • A battle for our very souls; it takes no prisoners; we have a tough time seeing them; it comes at us from every side

It’s hard to fight something you can’t see or understand

  1. What do we do?
  • Put on your armor; stand strong; be ready for the battle; learn about your enemy and ways to combat him
  • Rak Kashak “Be strong” Joshua 1:9