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Time Is A Wonderful Thing

Time can be used, wasted, counted, measured but not bottled or controlled. Time has a mind of its own. It doesn’t follow any given rules except one –  it just keeps on moving forward.

We have the tendency to think that we can control time. We create stopwatches, timers and alarm clocks in hopes to maintain its power over us. We think that by pressing the snooze button we will get more time to sleep. The truth is, all you have done is borrow some time from an important event in your day. We call it being late to work.

These last few, long and crazy weeks have taught us that time is precious. We have learned to make the most of our time together. For some, they can’t wait for this time to be over. But either way, time did its thing. And now as we begin to move forward with the slow reopening of our country, time will seem to fly by quickly. It will get crazy here soon and you and I will look back at this time and miss the moments we had together with our families and loved ones.

So, here is some advice from one who has loved this time of being home with my family and loved ones. Be thankful today for the time you have with your family. Cherish these moments together. Take the time to love your family. Make the most of this time you have with them. Because this time will change. You will miss it tremendously. Your life will be different in just a few weeks. And you and I don’t want to look back at this time and regret that we wasted it.

Time is a gift from God. Use it wisely. Measure its blessings. Embrace its influence in your heart. Make time for your family and friends and look at it as the greatest blessing that God could have ever given to you and your loved ones.

This time today has never been used before. This time in your life has never been. What you do with it will affect the rest of the time you have. Allow time to be a blessing in your life.

It is time to be all that God would want you to be.

Blessings on your day and the time you have.

Pastor Terry