We Have Been Rescued

Col 1:9-14 | September 13, 2020

________ plus ________ equals a life lived for God’s glory.

Truth #1 Living a life ________ of the Lord (vs. 10)

To have the ________ of God and not practice such wisdom amounts to nothing in your life.

Truth #2 Be ________ to God (vs. 10)

________ wisdom and ________ understanding leads to a life that pleases the Lord

Truth #3 Bear ________ (vs. 10)

A life that is lived for God’s glory will produce ________ results that will honor his name.

Truth #4 Walk in the Holy Spirit’s ________ in order to honor God (vs. 11)

  1. What kind of power is this?
  • ________ power
  • ________ power

Result #1 You will have great ________ and ________ (vs. 11)

Result #2 There will be ________ in your heart (vs. 11)

Questions for the week.

  1. Has your knowledge of God been used for his glory our yours? Explain
  2. How can you make it your goal this week to live worthy of being a follower of Jesus?
  3. Give two examples of what it would look like for you to have authority over the wrong things in your life.