I Stopped Today To Hear From God…

I stopped today to hear from God. It seems I am running at a faster pace than ever before. But what happened at that moment was not what I was expecting. I heard silence. Quietness. I can only describe it as pure nothing. It wasn’t that I didn’t hear something, it was that the something I expect wasn’t heard.


I think many times we pick up our Bibles in hopes to learn something new or profound. Silence occurs. Sometimes we pray as if the answers should come right away. Silence occurs. Often when we are anxious and overly concerned, we turn to our hearts for peace and understanding. Silence occurs. Even right now as I write this note to you, silence is occurring. Yet, it is in the silence that I find my ability to make sense of what this day was all about.

Like you, my day is full of uncertain things and events. I try to plan my life out so that I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I lay my head down at night. Some days I feel like I have done nothing. I know I participated in a lot of things, but I end my day wondering what I got done. It is the silence that seems to brings it all together. 

Often Jesus would go away from the crowds in order to find his times of silence. Those times became his strength. His time away from the demands of life allowed him to find the ability to do the overwhelming work of the Kingdom.

Silence can be your strength.

It is in the silence that we get our hearts and minds in line with the Spirit’s desire for a place of worship and service with us. Our silence clears our thoughts, fills our hearts with God’s presence and molds our character into the very character of Christ. 

I am sure you would agree that it is hard these days to find any time for silence. It seems it has gotten really loud out there and we can’t quite find the time or place for silence. It has faded into the crowds. There are just too many loud voices speaking at us.

So, how do we find our place of silence? I don’t know that I have a perfect answer but I do know that if we don’t find it, life will steal life from us. We need the silence to live. We need the silence to love. We need the silence to hear God’s voice speak to us.

Whatever it takes, find your moment for silence. It is there you and I will find the strength to get through this crazy thing that we are calling life.


Pastor Terry