dividerWelcome Girlfriends

Girlfriends it is our mission to change hearts and change lives…one Girlfriend at a time.
We BEFRIEND women, so they feel like they BELONG. Then they will be open to hear about what we BELIEVE which will open their hearts to BECOME someone different…a follower of Jesus! To complete the circle, we want women to BEFRIEND others & help them BELONG too.


Upcoming Studies

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study is starting Wednesday mornings at 9 or Wednesday evenings at 6 on March 8th.


In a culture of endless questions, you need solid answers.

So, plan to join us for this study where we will learn how to challenge the persuasive message of progressive Christianity by examining popular messages found in progressive books, blogs, social media platforms, and scholarship.

We will also learn how to use discernment, think logically, and make biblically based observations.

And most importantly, we will discover how deep, thrilling, and humbling the true gospel is.

We hope you will join us starting March 8th for this Bible Study– Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers Wednesdays at 9am or 6pm.

dividerCore Values

  • Character with ourselves
  • Honor others
  • Grace in our relationships
  • Excellence in our pursuits
  • Accountability to others
  • Glory to our God
G! Night Out
G! Christmas Boutique
G! Groups
Lit N Lattes
Stitching Sisters
G! Groups
Lit N Lattes
Stitching Sisters
Ladies Christmas Event
Ladies Bible Studies
Ladies Retreat
G! Discipling
G! Standing Strong in the Gap
G! On a Mission
G! Store
G! Prayer Team
Ministry Opportunities

Join us for our book club Lit-N-Latte on the first Friday of the month @ 7pm. Call us at the church office @ 760-249-5007 for directions.

Mom to Mom
A place for moms of babies through school age kiddos connect with each other.  See MOM TO MOM page for more details and to sign up!
Stitching Sisters 

Join us for Stitching Sisters on the 2nd Friday of the month at 9am in the west wing. All who love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, needlepoint, cross stitch, or any other crafts are welcome.

G! Discipleship
Join us for a nine-session course that lays the foundation of the Christian faith. Email office@hillsidechurch.com to get connected. 


G! Standing Strong in the Gap

G! Standing Strong in the Gap is an encouragement and prayer group for married women who attend church without their spouse.  Find support through camaraderie, God’s word and lifting up your family in prayer.  Join us the second Sunday of each month during second service at 10:30am in the east wing. 
Register Here: Opens March 10th @4pm

G! Prayer Group

G! Prayer Team is a group of women who pray for the needs of everyone in the church and specifically our Girlfriends. If you need prayer fill it out below.