November 21, 2021


Col. 3:12-15

Q. What is our responsibility as a followers of Christ when:

  • Anger drives the narrative

  • Issues divide our family, our friendships

  • Things seem to be beyond our control

Q. How can we be/when should we be/why aren’t we thankful?

  1. Remember who you are (vs. 12)

  • God’s chosen people

  • Holy

    • Sainthood is not an attainment, it is a state into which God, in grace, calls us

  • Dearly loved

    • Loved now and forever

  1. Remember what to do

  • Clothe yourselves

  • Compassion

    • Living at peace with others

    • This is in line with what God is 

    • 2 Cor. 1:3 NIV 

  • Kindness

    • Kind deeds

    • Friendly and helpful spirit

    • Servant attitude

  • Humility

    • Knowing your own weaknesses

    • Recognizing God’s power in your life

  • Gentleness

    • Meekness

    • Obedient submission to God

    • Enduring patience

    • Gentle attitude

    • Kind acts towards others

    • Having a Holy Spirit restraining spirit

  • Patience

    • No revenge

    • Long in suffering

    • Allowing for God’s passion to work

  • Bearing with each other (vs. 13)

    • To put up with each other

    • Not seeking revenge

    • Not trying to get your own way

    • Excepting others

    • Not rendering evil for evil

  • Forgiving grievances

    • To bestow a favor unconditionally

    • Restoring a broken relationship by forgiving

    • Do it just as Christ did for you

      • Thankful for all he has done

      • Living as one who is thankful

With the ultimate act of living as a servant.

  • Having the actions of love – God’s love (vs. 14)

    • A caring love

    • Loving your brother

    • Real affection that comes from your heart

When we are walking in the way of truth, then the peace of Christ will rule in our hearts.

Love, motivated by the peace of God, will have the control over your life and actions.

As you look back at your way of walking it will cause you to be thankful.

  • Thankful for God’s love that was given to you

  • Thankful for your salvation

  • Thankful for a changed heart

  • Thankful for his forgiveness

A grateful heart is a thankful heart.