April 2 | Good Friday

Good Friday  |  Hope Through Pain


Isaiah 53:3-6 

Pain #1 Despised and Rejected (vs. 3)

Jesus was not looked upon as a “Real man” 

– No rank or position 

o Hung out with fishermen; women; Publicans; harlots 

– He was uneducated 

– He has unsound doctrines and truths 

– He broke the Sabbath law often 

– He was considered a Samaritan/heretic 

o A child of the Devil 

o Demon-possessed 

Note: John 8:48 NIV 

– He was guilty of crimes against the state/Rome 

o He was proclaimed as the “True King” 

– The leaders of the Jewish faith walked away from him 

What’s the hope? 

Remember, we are among the one’s he came to save. 

Note: Ephesians 2:1-10 TLB 

Pain #2 Jesus took on our infirmities (diseases/sin) vs. 4 

He carried our sorrows 

Jesus understood our grief. 

– He understood our weariness of life 

– He came to heal the diseases of our soul 

  1. Did he also come to heal our physical diseases? 

– Note: Matthew 8:14-17 NCV 

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What’s the hope? Jesus came to heal us! 

– Both body, soul and spirit 

– Note: Ephesians 3:16-19 NIV 

Pain #3 Jesus died for our transgressions (vs. 5) 

  1. What are transgressions? 

– We rebelled against God and his Law 

– We deserved to die because of our rebellion 

– We deserved God’s punishment 

The weight of our sins crushed the heart of Jesus. 

– He bore all of them on the cross 

– Note: Col. 2:13-15 ERV 

What’s the hope? Col. 1:21-22 NCV 

Good Friday represents hope. 

– Hope for eternal life 

– Hope that our sins have been forgiven 

– Hope to have a renewed relationship with God 

Jesus’ death: 

– His life of oppression 

– His rejection by men 

– His crucifixion 

– His sufferings 

All of this resulted in us being offered hope. 

The death of Jesus gave us the life of God. 

– The cross paid our debt 

So the truth is, it was a good Friday for us. 

Good Friday brought us hope. 

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