Grace | Being United

July 17, 2022

Being United

The church is struggling today.

We have allowed the pains of our division to separate us from each other.

We are even divided over whether God is till God.

  • That his word is true
  • That he can be trusted
  • That there is hope for our lost world 

Do Not Give Up!

Unity is still possible.

“Make every effort…”

  • Do your upmost

The same issues that plagued the people at Ephesus are still afflicting us today.

“Keep the unity of the Holy Spirit!”

Through the bond of peace.

Jesus is that peace.

Peace equals the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit equals unity together.

His presence produces the peace we need.

  1. One body
  • We are family
  1. One Spirit
  • He is what sustains our unity
  • His presence in our live is the presence of God himself
  1. One hope
  • The hope of ages passed is now true because of Jesus
  • Our hope of eternal life is in Jesus
  1. One Lord
    • Jesus is Lord of all
      • He has the preeminence 
      • Supremacy 
      • Highest ranking
  • Colossians 1:15-18 ERV 
    • Hebrews 1:3 NLT 
  1. One faith

It is our faith in Jesus and his work on the cross that unites us.

  • Our faith is the core of our Christianity
  • Faith is the unique pathway that all followers of Christ must take
  1. On baptism
  • Our baptism unites us as a member of the body of Christ
  • It shows that our hearts are united
  • It is your way of identifying with other believers in Christ
  1. One God and Father of all
  • God the Father is the source of life
    • Over all – the Father
    • Through all – The Son
    • In all – Holy Spirit

The triune God comes into our lives at the moment of our salvation.

This unites us with God and each other.

We are filled with the fulness of God himself.

We call this the church.

  • The body of Christ

God brought the church together in a united fashion so that together we could be filled to all the fulness of God.

United, the body of Christ becomes an unstoppable force against the very schemes of the devil.