June 26, 2022


Ephesians 3:17b-19

Would you say that you are a mature Christian?

  • How would you know?
  • How would someone else know?

Have you ever questioned your spiritual walk?


  • How much of the Holy Spirit do we get at our salvation moment?
  • How firm is your relationship with Christ?

What does it mean to be rooted and established in God’s love?

Verse 18: “To have power, together with all the saints”

Our spiritual roots are established in the love of God.

  • This comes by prayer and reading the scriptures
    • How to deal with success and failure
    • To understand what real love is
    • To know the heart of God
    • To understand the need for spiritual renewal
    • To worship with other followers of Jesus

Such power will enable us to grasp how wonderful, complete, and fulfilling God’s love is for us.

Have you ever questioned God’s love for you?

  • He can’t love me
    • Look at me
  • He can’t stand being with me
    • Look at what I have done
  • He doesn’t need me
    • I have turned away from him so many times

This is why it takes a village of fellow believers to grasp God’s love for you.

Maturity comes into our lives as we together grasp the love of God.

  • Wide
    • Great extent/entire dimension
  • Long
    • God’s love is able to extend into all times
  • High
    • The vastness of the heavens
  • Deep
    • As deep as the oceans
    • As deep as God’s love

Vs. 19 This all results in a knowledge of God’s love that surpasses every knowledge.

With such knowledge a follower of Jesus can be:

  • “filled to the measure of the fullness of God”

God’s love helps us to excel in every area of our knowledge about God.

This is not some knowledge to go out and get.

  • It is given to us by the Holy Spirit
  • It empowers the church
  • It activates our faith in the God who loves us

Maturity in Christ is a process.

The ultimate reward is being filled with the fullness of God.

  • Filled with his love
  • With a knowledge of who he is
  • Understanding my place in his world

God’s love is wider than the east is from the west.

It is longer than eternity itself.

It is higher than the heavens.

Deeper than the ocean floor.

To grasp such love is to surpass any earthly knowledge.

For a follower of Christ, who walks in God’s love, there is no limit to how great that love will be in their life.