Hope Lived: Part 2


April 10, 2021

Hope Lives Pt. 2
Palm Sunday

There are certain days that define history.

Throughout time there have been events that marked for us God’s involvement in the History of mankind.

It is often through the stories of our lives that we see God’s plans being worked out.

The power of hope and faith.

Note: Luke 8:42-48 NIV

  1. What was her hope?

She believed that Jesus could stop her bleeding.

Mark 5:26-28 “I just have to touch his cloak. 

James J. Tissot, detail of ‘The Woman with the Issue of Blood’ (1886-94), gouache on gray wove paper, Brooklyn Museum, New York.

  1. What was a cloak?

Cloak, the Tallith. This was a square garment that bore tassels at the corners in fulfillment of the commands in Numbers 15:38-39 and Deuteronomy 22:12 as a reminder to obey the laws of the Lord. The strands that made up the tassel probably included at least one of hyacinth (light violet to moderate purple) color and several strands of white. The Tallith also served as a prayer shawl.

Her hope was realized by her action of faith.

Pause for a moment.

  • This can’t be happening
  • I’ve come so far
  • I’ve risked so much
  • If I get caught 
  • Dear God, please don’t abandon me now

Note: vs. 46

Two thoughts here.

First. Jesus doesn’t turn around and say, “I am now unclean because of your touch.”

  • His power restores life
  • Sin is removed because of him
  • Unholy things become holy through him
  • His power overcomes our weaknesses

Second. The key that unlocked Jesus’ power was her faith.

The truth is, she tapped into the very source of Jesus’ power.

Look at his response. (vs. 46-48)

“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

Jesus wanted everyone in the crowd to know that he had healed her.

Her hopes had been restored.


In both of these stories we see hoped lived out through the life of Jesus.

  • His life changed others
  • He gave back life

Our hope for this life is possible because of the life that Jesus lived.

Are you in need of hope today?

  • Turn to Jesus

Do you need a healing touch today?

  • Turn to Jesus

Is your hope fading away?

  • Turn to Jesus

Jesus is our hope and salvation.

Titus 1:1-2 NIV