March 14 | Dealing with Troubles

Faith and Courage | Dealing with Troubles | March 14, 2021

2 Corinthians 1:3-11

Relationships are hard.


Thought: Troubles come in various forms.

– Emotional troubles

– Family troubles

– Troubles at work

– Troubles in our society

– Troubles in our nation

– Trouble between ourselves and God

– Internal troubles

– Physical troubles

If we aren’t willing to address the issues of hurt, disappointments, frustrations, then

things will fester and will cause us to lose focus on what is important – healthy


#1 Paul put his confidence/faith in God (vs. 3)

– Father of compassion

Col. 3:12-14 NIV

It is feeling the distress of others. Moses in Exodus 32:32 NIV

o Compassion as a noun means:

▪ The seat of emotions

▪ The heart. Phil. 2:1-4 NIV

– God of all comfort

o As a noun it is calling to one’s side

o As a verb it is the one being comforted

Troubles: (vs. 4)

– Crushing circumstances; troubles that one encounters in life

#2 Share your comfort, faith, and compassion with others (vs. 6-7)

– We all face troubles

– They are burdens of our soul

When God comes through for you, come alongside of those who need God’s touch.

– When you receive comfort

o Share

– When God walks you through troubled times

o Walk with others

– When your faith is reaffirmed by God

o Reaffirm others

Comfort is meant to be shared.

– Compassion is meant to be experienced.

Note: vss. 5-6

#3 We are in this together (vss. 7-11)

We all have similar stories to tell.

But we all experience different forms of deliverance from God.

– These produce in us a hope

o Hope that he understands our circumstances

o Hope that he will carry us through the rough times

o Hope that we aren’t suffering alone

o Hope that our prayers aren’t in vain

Note: vs 11

– Together we will give thanks

– Together we will share of God’s gracious favor

Troubles come. It is a fact of life.

When they do:

– Put your confidence/faith in God

– Share your comfort/confidence and compassion that you received with others

– Remember, we are all in this together

Our faith is not an island, it is a community.

– A community is a feeling of fellowship

– A sharing of common experiences

– Having the same goals and interests

It is being one in Christ.

– Following him together

This the community of faith that we call church.