Feb. 7 | Learning to Forgive through our Actions

Colossians 3:1-17

1st Set your hearts on things above (vs. 1)

  • Place of honor
  • Remember your position in Christ

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Learning to Love as Jesus Did | Jan. 31 2020

Learning to Love as Jesus did

John 7:53-8:11

Perhaps one of the greatest stories of Jesus showing kindness, compassion, protection and forgiveness.


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Learning to Love Honestly | Jan. 24 2020

Learning to love honestly

Luke 18:18-30 (Mk. 10:21)

Honest love is hard.

Learning to Love by Faith | Jan 17

1 Thessalonians 

Learning to love by faith

“A celebration of faith”

1 Thessalonians 

Backstory: Acts 17:1-9


Learning to Love on Purpose | Jan. 10

1 Peter 4:7-10

So, what now?

Jesus changed all of that one day.

Jan. 3 | Learning to Love by Actions

Learning to Love by Actions | Jan. 3, 2020

Romans 12:9-10

Our actions speak louder than our words.

Matthew 22:37-39  If we say we love God, we must then love our neighbor.

This love is the word, agape.

  • Having an affection for; a godly love toward others; a service driven love

It is to be sincere


There is Always Good.

There is always good | Dec. 27, 2020
Genesis 50:15-26


Questions for the week:

  1. Has this year taken away your hope in God’s promises?
  2. Like Joseph, will you leave the past and look forward to the promises of God?
  3. Do you have the assurance that God holds your future in his hands?


The Glory of God | Dec. 20, 2020

The Glory of God | Dec. 20, 2020
Luke 2:13-14 
  1. How will you now look at the concept of glorifying God?
  2. Where will you begin to bring glory to him?
  3. How will your life be different because you now know what it means to, “Glorify God in the highest?”

The Angel of the Lord | Dec. 13

Jesus is “The Angel of the LORD” who came to give us eternal life by dying for us on the cross and rising from the grave.

The Angel of the Lord | Dec. 13, 2020

“Glory to God in the highest” Nov.29,2020

Questions for the week

  1. Does the story of Christ’s birth still inspire hope in your heart?
  2. Have you and I forgotten how awesome the birth of Jesus was?
  3. Be sure to let your heart feel the wonder of the Christmas story.

    Gloria in Excelsis Deo

    “Glory to God in the highest”  | November 29, 2020